Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I get my book CGC’d?
If attending the London Super Comic Convention 2015 please follow Option 1. If unable to attend please follow Option 2. 
2. Why do my books have to go to the USA to be CGC’d?
This is where CGC are based and the grading is conducted.
3. Why can't my books not be graded in the UK?
There is currently no provision for this service in the UK. 
4. What if I'm not happy with the books grade?
Scott's Collectables does not guarantee any grades. This is completed solely by CGC. 
5. How long will it take for you to ship my books back to me?
Your books will be posted out to you within 7 days of arrival back in the UK. 
6. How long is the process from start to finish?
8-9 weeks subject to CGC turnaround times. 
7. How do I pay for the service?
Cash or card transactions are accepted if you are submitting at the convention. Non attendees please contact us in advance. 
8. Will I have to queue up on the day for signatures?
Once payment for the Scott's Collectables Signature Series service has been made you will have to queue for the signature from the creator(s). 
9. What if I want more than one signature on the same book?
After the first creator has signed your book, please submit it to the Scott's Collectables Signature Series stand. We will then arrange for the second creator to sign your book. You do not need to be present for this.
10.What if I want a signature in a specific place?
Please see attached picture as to how to prepare your book in advance.
As you can see please cut a sufficient size gap in a board and place over the front of your book.
Then place in a comic bag with a second board at the back securing the comic in place.
Then cut out a gap in the plastic bag so that the creator can sign. Take care not to damage your book!!
11.Do my books need to be boarded and bagged?
Yes, please make sure they are boarded and bagged for maximum protection. 
12. What if I want a specific colour pen used for the signature?
Please bring an appropriate colour pen. There is no guarantee that the creator will agree to this. 
13. Do I get a discount on multiple orders?
Unfortunately we are unable to give discounts. The cost is laid out clearly in the pricing table. 
14. What if my book arrives damaged?
You have 5 working days after receiving your book(s) to report the issue to Scott's Collectables at 
15. How will my book be delivered back to me?
Via signed-for UK courier service. 
16. What if my book is already signed?
Only signatures witnessed on the day will be guaranteed to get a CGC Signature Series label.
17. What if I leave the official signing area after having my book(s) signed?
If you walk out of the official signing area and return later your book will NOT be submitted. You must bring your signed book(s) and token to the Scott's CollectablesSignature Series stand immediately after obtaining the signature(s). 
18. Can I submit a book worth more than £1950?
Yes, but please contact us in advance for prices.    
19. Can I submit blank variants with sketch covers?
Yes, but the creator must give the book direct to the CGC witness after finishing the sketch. Contact us before hand to make provisions.
20. Can I have additional signatures on my book and what is the cost?
Yes you can, but at an additional cost of £5 per signature.
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