Scott's Collectables Signature Series Services
There are currently four services on offer – Modern, Economy, Standard and Express. Each service includes the following:

  • Books packaged, fully insured and shipped on your behalf to CGC in Florida, USA. There they will be officially graded, authenticated and encased*.
  • Books packaged, fully insured and returned to you via 'Signed-For' Courier Service, within 7 working days of arriving in the UK.
Market Value
CGC Estimated 'Turn-Around' Times*
1974 to present
Maximum value of £130 per book
30 business days* (CGC Fast Track)
Any age
Maximum value of £195
30 business days* (CGC Fast Track)
Any age
 £650 or less
15 business days*
Any age
Maximum value of £1950
5 business days*

**Please note that a fee of £10.00 for UK return postage and packing will be added to the total price your order (‘Signed-for’ Courier Service within 7 days of your books returning to the UK). This is for 1 book only plus an additional £1 for each book thereafter.
If you would like to submit books that fall under different packages, please tick the relevant sections on the Scott’s Collectables Signature Series Submission Form. Please note that if you submit books under differing packages, your complete order (all books) will be dispatched upon return from the USA. This means that you only pay once for postage and packing.
Please note that if you are having difficulty downloading this PDF to your mobile or iPad, please go to the full website via your desktop browser.
* Terms and Conditions: 
1. Please note that Comic Book Grading is conducted solely by CGCScott’s Collectables does not guarantee and is not responsible for any grading discrepancies. Should you be unhappy with the Grade of your book, please contact CGC directly. Contact details can be found of their website  
2. Scott's Collectables is an authorised dealer and facilitator for CGC. Liability commences with Scott's Collectables when your comic books are in our possession and until they are returned and 'signed-for' by you or others authorised by you at the address provided on the Scott's Collectables Signature Series Submission FormScott's Collectables is not responsible for any damage, loss or negligence which occurs outside of this time period. 
3. During transit all books are insured under our policy. This policy insures up to £60,000.
4. Damage during transit must be reported to Scott's Collectables (via within 5 working days of delivery to the address provided on the Scott's Collectables Signature Series Submission Form. Please include your unique reference number in all correspondence. This can be found in the top right-hand corner of your receipt.
5. Customers who choose 'Option 2' agree to ship items to Scott's Collectables securely, so that items do not incur damage through inadequate packing. We advise that you send these items 'signed-for' in order to track your items journey to us.
6. Customers agree to fill out Scott's Collectables Submission Forms clearly and completely in BLOCK CAPITALS. Forms will not be submitted if hand written text is incomplete or illegible. If a mistake is made, please place a single line though the text and continue in the next available space. If unsure, please complete a new form, following the guidelines above.
7. CGC ‘Turn-around’ times are correct at time of going to press. CGC ‘turn-around’ times are subject to change and are dependent on CGC’s workload. Scott’s Collectables does not have any influence on these ‘turn-around’ times and are therefore not responsible for any changes. We will endeavour to keep you up to date with any changes, but please see the CGC website for further information. 
8. Customers agree that payment to Scott's Collectables will be made before signatures are obtained. Customers acknowledge that if payment receipts are not shown to the CGC Representative, tokens will not be given to the customer and submission via Scott's Collectables Signature Series cannot be made.
9. If books are signed without being witnessed by the official CGC Representative, they will not be eligible to be submitted to CGC by Scott's Collectables. This is to maintain the validity and credibility of our service.
10. Customers agree they will not leave the Creator Signing Area with any Scott's Collectables Signature Series Tokens. Customers acknowledge that if they leave the Creator Signing Area before submitting their books and token, they will not be allowed to return, and signature witnessing and authorisation will be null and void. In the event that this occurs, you will be entitled to a full refund.
11. Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of the service provided by Scott’s Collectables, please contact us via with your unique reference number within 5 working days of receipt of goods and we will endeavour to address the problem.
12. Prices are correct at time of going to press but are subject to change.
13. Customers agree that when payment is made for any Scott's Collectables Signature Series service, they are agreeing to all terms and conditions laid out in items 1-13. 
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