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Mel Milton is a former character animator with Disney Interactive turned freelance illustrator who resides in Utah with his wife and daughter. He has been in the creative industry for over 25 years with clients like Sony, Nickelodeon and NBC Universal to name a few. ​


Mel has been quite influenced with comic art and most of his youth was spent trying to draw like a comic artist. Although he went a different route than comics, he spent a lot of his free time creating fan art of his favorite comic characters.


He's done a few independent comic cover variants , but his first variant cover was for the Clone Wars by IDW. He has also done a cover for The Batman Adventures Continue Issue 5 and looks forward to creating more covers in the near future.

What was the first comic you bought?

Brian Lumleys Necroscope

Favourite character to draw?

Wonder Woman, Xmen Storm and Princess Leia

Biggest artistic influences?

So many but top of the head I'll go with Otto Shmidt, Phil Noto, Bruce Timms, Brian Stelfreeze and Ben Caldwell 

Favourite convention snack?

I haven't done many cons but guess if I did more then it be something like Red Vines, Dots, or M&Ms.






2023 appearances to be announced soon. Subject to change.


For ​convention appearances, signings and other similar projects please contact Or find him on Facebook by joining our Facebook group

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