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Mike Choi is a 20-year veteran having done interior pages and covers for Marvel, DC Comics and Image.


He is most known for his work in the X-Men Universe, having been named a Top 20 X-Men artist of all time by Kotaku, and Top 10 X-Men artist of all time by ScreenRant, as well as his seminal work in establishing the popularity of the X-23 character for Marvel Comics. He is currently drawing and coloring titles for AWA with writer J Michael Straczynski to help cement the new company's position in the industry, while continuing to paint covers for Marvel, DC and Image, both traditionally in oil and acrylic and digitally on top of pencilled linework. 

What was the first comic you bought?

GI Joe #55, The "Unmaskings" issue was the first comic I ever got from my parents, but the first comic I ever bought with my own money was Ghost Rider 20, drawn by Mark Texeira. It was hard to find comics when I was a kid because I grew up in Hong Kong in the 80s and early 90s. 

Favourite character to draw?

The Hulk

Biggest artistic influences?

It changes all the time but when it comes to covers, painters like Bill Sienkiewicz and Simon Bisley are up there for sure. For interiors, no one beats Frank Quitely.

Favourite convention snack?

Candy. Just all the candy.






2023 appearances to be announced soon. Subject to change.


For ​convention appearances, signings and other similar projects please contact Or find him on Facebook by joining our Facebook group

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