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They come from different professional worlds.


Inaki earned a degree in fine arts and established a place for himself in the comics industry, collaborating with DC Comics for more than a decade on such titles as Coffin Hill, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Batman Beyond. In 2020, he inaugurated his first JOII contemporary art show in Madrid, titled Superdragon Genesis. Roy hails from both the music industry and the stage. He supplements his long carreer as a Hip Hop singer - in bands such as LEFlaco, Roy Mercurio, Dremen, La Zurda- with his job as a Creative Director. 


In October 2020, they joined their creative minds and published the Eisner nominated hit WE LIVE at Aftershock Comics.


Different life paths that met in the territory of ideas and narration. The Brothers watched the same films, played the same video games, read the same comics and shared the same Star Wars and He-Man figures. Their imaginative impulses led them to create stories together… as if they were returning to that messy bedroom they shared as children.

The Miranda Brothers are represented by Scott's Collectables. They are always open to new projects, requests and commissions. Original art and published pieces are also available. For further information, please contact us via

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More appearances to be announced soon. Subject to change.


For any queries in regards to signings, collaboration projects, convention appearances, publisher requests, commissions and original art sales please contact Or find him on Facebook by joining our Facebook group.

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