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Tiffany Reed is a classically trained artist, and a licensed TOPPS artist currently working on their range of Star Wars trading card properties.   


Having initially studying at university, she then went on to specialize in modern art paintings, and large project pieces. In the early 2000's Tiffany’s large abstract paintings were displayed in premises all over the UK and worldwide with the largest of these being a 30 ft long tryptic piece for a church. With her successful career established, she decided to combine both of her passions for art with the genres of science fiction and fantasy and changed her preferred style from paint to highly detailed pencil drawings.


This led to Tiffany becoming an officially licensed artist for TOPPS' range of trading cards featuring the Star Wars franchise. Her works are the rarest of "chase cards" in these sets which are only included with the approval of Lucasfilm and feature a unique one-off piece of art with her signature. Tiffany has also worked for UPPER DECK on their Aliens cards and RRPARKS for the first set of ‘Mystery Science Theatre 3000’ cards.

Tiffany Reed has recently had her first comic cover published by Devil’s Due as a limited edition variant.

Tiffany is represented by Scott's Collectables. She is always open to new projects and requests. To discuss these, as well as arrange commissions or purchases of original art, please contact

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All commissions are created with pencils for a single character unless otherwise state. *Wraparound is up to two characters. Please email for further commission requests and information.




For any queries or further details, please contact

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