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There are numerous of reasons why you would consider grading your books, and here are some key pointers...

  • You will protect your book/s from any further wear and tear, in a tamper proof case.

  • You will no longer need to worry about your books condition decreasing over time.

  • CGC cases display your book/s in a neat casing, perfect for collectors to store in a collection or display. 

  • It is possible that you can improve the overall value of your book, whether this is for personal value or speculation.

  • Following the previous point, two main factors for grading are preservation and speculation (see below).

  • You have a better chance of reselling your books, and most of the time, for a higher price.

  • Professional comic book grading decreases concerns about grade misrepresentations, by providing a third party assessment of condition and quality. You will no longer need to worry about wrongly determining the condition of your book.

  • If you choose to go for a CGC Signature Series, you will have an official, authorised yellow label, with the creators name included in the label. You can also get more than one name and signature on one book (just make sure that we handle all witnessing for you, to be able to authorise your books with an official, yellow label).

  • You can protect your highly valued blank cover comic book art in a protective case. We have many blank cover art opportunities with a variety of artists, which we can get authorised for you with a Signature Series yellow label.

  • Grading is becoming more and more popular amongst collectors worldwide. 


If you are looking to get your favourite book preserved forever then CGC grading is perfect for you. Not only will your book be given its own unbiased grade, it will also be encapsulated in a tamper proof case where it will be free from wear and tear. You will no longer need to worry about your books condition decreasing over time. 


This is ideal if you have a 'hot current book', a first appearance for a character starring in a new film, a high grade copy of a trending title, a high ratio variant, rare covers by the most appreciated artists, an in demand limited variant, or just a plain collectible title. Plenty of collectors are speculating and gaining appreciation on their books.


Be aware that grading does not always go the way you want. In some cases the cost of grading can outweigh the overall value of the book once finished, so pick your books carefully if you are looking to speculate. We are always available to give you some pointers, but even we do not get it right every time.

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